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Maggie May Vineyard

Dramatic temperature shifts intensify earthy fruit character by day and encourage crisp acidity by night. Maggie May is a property that was first farmed by Margaret May and Harold Green, Julie's parents, who purchased the raw land under the Veterans Land Act in 1949.

It is where Julie was born and raised. Lanny first planted the land with some curiously named Russian vinifera in 1984.

The Maggie May site is defined by two southwest facing benches separated by a curved terrace. Because this vineyard is located where the valley angles further to the south, it is protected from the north wind and tends to be warmer.

Like the Home Vineyard, this site borders a section of the old Okanagan River channel and its surrounding cottonwood riparian habitat. We are careful not to disturb this area, as it is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, including antelope brush, tiger salamanders, wood ducks and bats.