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Our People

Stoneboat Vineyards is a family-owned winery with a strong foundation on unity and a forward thinking approach. We are committed to crafting traditional Okanagan wines that showcase the distinct character and terroir of the valley. Our hands are intimately involved in every stage of the winemaking process, from tending to the vineyards daily to harvesting grapes by hand. Our team contribute their own expertise and share a collective love for crafting quality wines & memorable wine epxeriences on the estate.  

William Adams - Winemaker

Bill initiated his winemaking journey in Ontario, sucessfully gradutaing from a three-year program at Niagara College. During his tenure at Palatine Hills Estate Winery, he had the privilege of working alongside esteemed veteran winemaker David Hojnoski, from whom he imbibed the art & science of winemaking. This enabled Bill to foster a deep appreciation for the craft and honing his winemaking expertise to perfection. 

A visit to the Okanagan wine region in 2006 captivated Bill, leading to his enduring presence in the area. His tenure included valuable experience working with Pascal Madevon, a renowned classically French viticulturist & winemaker at Osoyoos LaRose. That experience had greatly influenced Bill's winemaking philosophy and approach. 

Bill joined the Stoneboat family following a year as a cellar master at Blue Mountain VIneyard & Cellars. His discerning approach to winemaking, coupled with his extensive experience with Pinot varieties, uniquely aligned with Stoneboat's commitment to crafting quality and expressive wines. 

Ian Scromeda - Executive Vice President 

Ian has been connected to the Okanagan Valley since childhood, frequently visiting his grandparents' farm from the age of five. In 2014, he embarked on his wine career by joining the esteemed Okanagan winery, Poplar Grove. Over the course of five years, Ian gained valuable experience across various departments, culminating in his role as Director of Operations. 

In late 2019, Ian joined the team at Phantom Creek. one of British Columbia’s largest and most prestigious wineries as the Estate Director. 

In 2021 Ian, along with his wife and two of their friends co-founded Joiryde winery; a prominent boutique winery in the District Wine Village. Subsequently, in 2022, Ian joined Stoneboat to overseeing all aspects of the business within the Okanagan Valley.

Kyla, Rudy & Mackie - Marketing and Vice President 

Kyla Richey - Marketing - Kyla Richey comes to valley commons following a 10-year career in professional volleyball on teams all around the world (Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece, France, Indonesia, Italy to name a few). she was also captain of the Canadian women’s volleyball team and has represented Canada for the past 15 years. during her volleyball career she met her now husband Rudy Verhoeff (who was also a member of Canada’s men’s volleyball team) and following an international courtship, the couple married.

Rudy Verhoeff - Vice President - An accomplished international athlete (Rudy was team captain for Canada’s national men’s volleyball team), Rudy brings to valley commons a decade of experience in building effective team cultures to achieve goals. like his wife Kyla Richey (who he met through volleyball - she was also a team captain for Canada’s national women’s volleyball team), 

Pascale Dinel - Viticulturist 

Pascale first came to the valley back in 2007 and was working in construction for the first couple of years here. As construction was slowing down for the winter she stumbled into viticulture by picking up a winter job of pruning for Burrowing Owl. She ended up staying 5 years there mostly operating equipment and pruning. After that Pascale was in management at Church and State while she took the viticulture program at Okanagan college in Penticton (2017) and then signed up for the viticulture certificate from Washington State University (2019) while working at Black Hills Winery. “I was not planning to become a viticulturist but the more time I spent in the vineyard, the more interested I became. I currently am on my 12th vintage and have had the chance to work with a lot of very good and knowledgeable people from whom I have learned a lot.”

Andrew Young 

Hospitality has always been a big part of Andrews make up. Building connections along with providing exceptional guest service and satisfaction are some of his passions. This led Andrew to obtain a degree in Hospitality Management. Andrew's career in hospitality started off in Vancouver where he worked with Fairmont and Delta Hotels. While developing his career as part of the Rooms Division, Andrew was presented with the opportunity to move into a Food and Beverage leadership role. Andrew was the lead trainer for multiple restaurant openings for Northland Properties.

During his time as restaurant General Manager Andrew dedicated himself into furthering his wine education and completed his WSET training up to level 3. Andrews' love for wine stems from an early age. During childhood trips to the Okanagan, his uncle, a wine maker would take Andrew behind the scenes of the wine world. Andrew was presented with an exciting opportunity that led him to the Okanagan Valley and ultimately to working in the industry that he loves.

His time spent as the Guest Experience Manager at CheckMate Winery and Hospitality Manager at Phantom Creek Winery have been important steppingstones that have led him to his exciting new role as the General Manager Stoneboat Vineyards