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Orchard Grove

Calcium encrusted rocks impart a distinct mineral tone to our wines. Adjacent to our humble wineshop, this is a 12-acre parcel that we planted in 1998.

It is the youngest of the original Stoneboat Vineyards and the site of our winery. Not wanting to remove any of the older vines on the Home Vineyard, Lanny and Julie obtained an apple orchard from a retiring grower that they had known since they first arrived in the Okanagan. There they planted different Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris clones, along with their newest arrival: Pinotage.

Orchard Grove sits atop a narrow bench that is higher in elevation than the other two vineyards, providing slightly more warmth during the day and a lovely view of the surrounding mountains. Its gentle southwest slope ensures good light exposure for the vines, which are grown on an 8' trellis to enable optimum canopy growth.

Three different soils occur on this vineyard, whose north and eastern borders mark the transition from rocky soils to sand. Our Pinotage block benefits from a sandier soil that warms easily, aiding ripening, while gently restricting growth. Our Pinot Noir is planted in heavier soil interspersed with rocks, and the Pinot Gris enjoys a rockier soil than the others. A band of large boulders (2 feet under) winds its way through the vineyard and appears to be the remains of an ancient streambed from the mountains.