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Home Vineyard

Our soils are unique to tiny area know as the Lower Black Sage Bench. The Home Vineyard sits atop two feet of topsoil that overlie 150+ feet of of fluvioglacial deposit (calcareous stones).

This poses many challenges from a farming perspective, as rocks often damage equipment and make cultivation difficult. Because the rock provides excellent drainage, our vines must also work hard to reach water, which in turn concentrates flavours. All this work yields rewards because it is gives personality and character to our fruit.

The Home Vineyard consists of two portions: the first 14.9 acres purchased by Julie and Lanny in 1979 and a 17.4 acre parcel adjacent to it, which was purchased in 1991. We started out here, planting our first vinifera grapes in 1984. Today it is our largest vineyard and the site of our oldest vines.

Because this vineyard is on a western slope on the valley's east side, it receives extra warmth from the late afternoon summer sun. Gradually rising over 100 feet above the Okanagan river, our vineyard benefits from slightly cooler temperatures, allowing us to grow pinots in an area that is generally too hot for them. Various ridges, elevations, and flat areas within the vineyard affect air flow, creating several different microclimates.